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You Can Now Travel To These Places Visa-Free, Two Are New, Henley Passport Index

There is so much to love about travel but the visa process is often a daunting hurdle that could put a dampener on any globetrotter’s wanderlust. The recently released Henley Passport Index, however, is a reason for all Indian travel enthusiasts to rejoice. India’s passport features at the 80th spot, moving up five places from its position in 2022, effectively allowing Indian passport holders to travel to 57 destinations without having to get a visa before departure.

While the number of countries Indian passport holders can visit without applying for a visa in advance has dropped from 59 to 57 with Albania, Serbia, Botswana, and Uganda removed from the list, 2 new countries were added this year. What’s more, travelling to Bhutan and Nepal is easier now as they have allowed Indian passport holders to switch from visa-on-arrival to entirely visa-free travel. That’s right, no visa interviews, no paperwork, and no visa line at the airport on arrival either. So where else are you free to roam without the impending block of a visa? We have curated a shortlist of countries that meet your wanderlusting heart’s desire.

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Travel To These Places Without A Visa

1. Kazakhstan 

A new entrant to the list, Kazakhstan is termed the world’s largest landlocked country with the Altai Mountains in the East, the Caspian Sea to the west, Russia to the north, and China to the South. The country has spectacular landscapes from majestic canyons, arid deserts, plains, glaciers, and ancient structures. It has many geological wonders which makes it an attractive tourist spot

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2. Barbados

Located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, this island country is a popular tourist destination amongst celebrity travellers. The country is the best place for a laidback vacation and to enjoy island life. One can relax and enjoy the tropical island with scrumptious seafood, warm weather and a luxury stay.

3. Fiji

A very popular country for tourists in the South Pacific, Fiji comprises numerous islands. It is famous for crystal-clear beaches, rugged landscapes, beautiful coastlines, and coral reefs. Its tropical climate and beach vibe offers just the ideal setting for a relaxing vacation, while with the country’s mixed heritage including people of Indian descent, you’ll likely soon fit right in with many of the locals.


4. Samoa

Known as the Independent State of Samoa, Samoa has a warm and friendly population without beautiful scenic attractions. With its white sand beaches, clear waters, and relaxed and laid-back attitude, Samoa welcomes tourists to live a tropical life and enjoy cocktails and seafood. You can also indulge in water sports and admire the marine life of Samoa.


5. Maldives

A popular tourist destination especially amongst honeymooners, Maldives is made up of numerous islands. Blue waters, abundant and vibrant marine life and tropical vibes are what describe the Maldives best. If you have the adventure bone in you, do not miss trying your hand at water sports here.

Djibouti is another new entrant to the visa-free list for passport holders. A country in the Horn of Africa bordered by Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden is another new entrant to the list. The country is known for its magnificent marine life including whale sharks as well as a charming wildlife sanctuary. It is also home to the outward landscapes of Lac Abbe and Lac Assal, not least of which make it a geological treasure trove. However, this country has not made our list of must-visits, as there has been a Level 2 travel advisory issued by the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs for caution to be taken due to terrorism and crime in Djibouti.

There are many more countries that you can travel to either visa-free or using their visa-on-arrival option, but these are the 5 that are high on tourist attractions, adventure, leisure spots and/or culture while also being adequately safe to travel to. Let us know in the comments section, which of these countries have made it to your bucket list.

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