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UNHCR Update Libya (23 July 2023) [EN/AR] – Libya



Between 11 and 13 July, UNHCR helped with the transfer of 220 individuals from Ain Zara detention centre to the urban setting. They were brought to the Jugurthine Medical Centre (JMC), where UNHCR and partners provided cash assistance, vouchers, which can be used in pre-defined shops, and non-food items. Asylum-seekers were also counselled on how to contact UNHCR and partners, how to book appointments and available services. UNHCR continues to work closely with the Libyan authorities to secure the orderly transfer of other refugees and asylum-seekers held in detention to the urban setting.

On 12 July, UNHCR along partner International Rescue Committee (IRC) carried out a joint visit to Alassa (120 km West of Zawya) to follow up on the situation of the migrants and refugees, who were found in distress at the Libyan-Tunisian border in the previous week and who were transferred by the Libyan Border Guards (LBG) to two locations in the area. UNHCR and IRC distributed 346 snack kits, 150 male hygiene kits, 50 female hygiene kits, 100 blankets, 100 kitchen sets, 200 jerry cans, 400 soap bars, and 50 plastic sheets. UNHCR also collected basic biodata of the asylum-seekers. UNHCR closely follows the situation and additional missions are planned to continue monitoring the needs and take the necessary actions in close cooperation with other humanitarian agencies.

UNHCR facilitated the reunification of two brothers in the United Kingdom after a nearly ten-year separation.
On 31 May, the brother who had been in Libya for two years had departed from Libya to the Emergency Transit Centre in Romania and following the completion of the procedures, on 12 July, he flew from Romania to the United Kingdom, where he met his elder brother, who will assist his sibling to start a new life. Family reunification is one of the complementary pathways UNHCR pursues, in addition to humanitarian visas, education pathways, third country skill-based employment opportunities and private sponsorships. So far in 2023, UNHCR assisted 33 asylum-seekers and refugees to depart Libya for third countries through complementary pathways.
UNHCR urges countries to provide more legal pathways to help some of the most vulnerable asylum-seekers and refugees reach safety out of Libya.

Between 10 and 13 July, UNHCR, together with partners Fútbol Más and Moomken, organized a workshop in Tunis to discuss the upcoming activities of the Sport for Peace Project, a pilot programme with football at its heart, to contribute to improving psychosocial well-being amongst IDPs, IDP returnees, asylum-seekers, refugees, and host communities in Abusliem municipality in Tripoli. The workshop gathered staff members from Fútbol Más, Moomken, and UNHCR. The three-day workshop aimed to equip Moomken’s field coaches with the necessary knowledge to effectively implement Fútbol Más’ green card philosophy within the Sport for Peace Project. In addition to the theoretical and practical sessions, the training incorporated brainstorming sessions to identify priority areas of intervention and develop a Theory of Change model.

On 26 June, UNHCR resettled 24 refugees to Canada with the logistical support of International Organization for Migration. So far in 2023, more than 600 asylum-seekers and refugees departed Libya through resettlement, humanitarian evacuation and complementary pathways.

Last month, UNHCR outreach team carried out six field visits in Serraj, Al Hay Al-Islami, Al-Sabaa, Al-Dawa Al-Islamiya and Abusliem areas of Tripoli targeting around 300 individuals from Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, and other nationalities.

Several individuals with specific needs were identified and referrals were made to the relevant services. Outreach team also facilitated six focus group discussions (FGDs) with people with disabilities from various nationalities. The participants shared their personal experiences and views on disability and its relation to access to education, transportation, information, healthcare, protection services, as well as acceptance by the host community.

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