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Uganda – Refugee Influx (UNHCR)(ECHO Daily Flash of 17 July 2023) – Uganda

  • Due to ongoing conflicts in DRC, Sudan and South Sudan, 63,286 additional refugees and asylum seekers have been registered in Uganda since the beginning of 2023.

  • This includes 19,009 individuals (30%) arriving from South Sudan, of which 2,745 are Sudanese and 263 South Sudanese previously registered in Sudan, and 17,693 individuals (28%) from the DRC which arrived through the Northern and Southwestern borders respectively.

  • In addition, 26,584 new asylum seekers (42%) have been registered in Kampala, mainly from Somalia (39%), Eritrea (36%), Ethiopia (14%), Sudan (9%), Burundi (2%) and other nationalities (1%).

  • The lack of resources and funding for the refugee response is further exacerbated by this constant and significant influx of new arrivals, particularly affecting the provision of health, nutrition, protection and education services.

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