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Parliament calls for resuming sessions next Saturday


SANA’A July 24. 2023 (Saba) – The Parliament, in its meeting held on Monday, headed by its Speaker Yahya al-Rai’, called on the members of the Parliament to attend to resume the sessions next Saturday.

At the outset of the meeting, the Parliament renewed its condemnation of the repeated abuses of Islamic sanctities in Sweden and Denmark, including allowing extremists to burn and desecrate copies of the Holy Quran for the second time, with protection of the governments of the countries.

It considered these actions an act hostile to Islam and an insult to Muslims, noting that the repeated burning of Quran is a blatant challenge that came after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on the Islamic member states to take collective measures to put an end to the repeated violations of the religious sanctities of Muslims.

The Parliament called on parliaments in the world to quickly issue legislation that criminalizes insulting beliefs, sanctities and religions.

It also called on Arab and Islamic parliaments and peoples to unify positions and put pressure on their governments to boycott those countries politically and economically for disregarding the feelings and beliefs of Muslims, and considered these actions crimes against heavenly values and a threat to peace and coexistence among the nations and peoples of the world and a call for chaos, and not freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, Yemen Parliament’s renewed the call to the countries of the resistance axis to support the Palestinian resistance.

The Parliament saluted the heroes of Jenin camp for their steadfastness in front of the machine of killing and displacement, considering the return of the Jenin camp to the front as a new chapter of courage and heroism in exchange for the world’s failure of the Palestinian people.

It affirmed that the Arab and Islamic parliaments and all free people should not address the Security Council, the United Nations and the international community that have been tamed to siding with the Zionist enemy, and everyone should address the honorable people of the Arab nation in order to rise up in support of those who fight in defense of the honor of the nation.

The Parliament called for pressure on the so-called League of Arab States to abandon its negative and shameful positions and to carry out its duties in defense of the Arab nation and its central cause, Palestine, in the face of a criminal enemy supported by an international community that shirks its moral, human and legal responsibilities towards what the Palestinian people are exposed to.

It thanked three US parliamentarians, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, Congressman Jamal Bowman, and Congresswoman Cory Bush from the state of Missouri, who stated to a website about their boycott of “Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s speech,” stressing that “Congress should not give a platform to a head of state that shows no respect for human rights.”

The refusal of American representatives to speak comes because of the Zionist enemy’s treatment of the Palestinians. International human rights groups have described this enemy’s treatment of Palestinians as “apartheid”, and described the recent operation in Jenin as a “war crime”.

The Parliament asked “Where are the countries of normalization among these pro-Palestinian positions?” .. Demanding a little shame towards what the Palestinian people and the Jenin camp are exposed to.

At the national level, it stood before a number of important issues, including attacks, violations, and the continuous targeting of border villages, the latest of which was the targeting al-Barh hospital in Taiz province by the US-Saudi spy warplanes, causing damage.

The Parliament considered the aggression’s targeting of hospitals and health facilities a war crime committed by the coalition in full view of the United Nations and the international community.

It called for the complete lifting of the ban on Sana’a International Airport to allow patients to travel for treatment abroad, and for medical equipment and aid to alleviate the human suffering in Yemen.

The Parliament also stood in front of the deterioration of the economic and living situation in the occupied territories, the worsening of the humanitarian situation, and the corruption and looting of the people’s capabilities and wealth that the Yemeni people have been exposed to for more than eight years, and the deterioration of the national currency, since the transfer of central bank functions to Aden province, the suspension of salaries of state employees, including feeding sovereign wealth revenues into the banks of the countries of aggression.

The Parliament warned the countries of the coalition of aggression and mercenaries against the consequences of continuing to ignore the demands of the Yemeni people represented in stopping the plundering of the revenues of sovereign wealth for their personal accounts, as evidenced by the fact that they reject until now all solutions that guarantee the use of these revenues to alleviate the suffering of all the Yemeni people, pay the salaries of employees and improve services in all provinces in Yemen.

It held the aggression countries and their mercenaries fully responsible for the consequences of the repercussions of the aggression, the blockade, the economic war, the systematic looting of Yemen’s capabilities, and the exacerbation of the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The Parliament mocked al-Barakani’s lamentation for not allowing him to hold sessions, except for Seiyun session to legitimize the aggression and the Aden session to give confidence to the Council of the Eight Traitors, forgetting his suspicious movements in parliamentary forums to justify the crimes of aggression.

It condemned the crime of torturing the citizen, Mohammad Mahdi, from Ibb province, in one of the checkpoints in Abyan province, to death.

The Parliament condemned the killing of head of the World Food Programme Moayad Hamidi in Turbah city in Taiz province. It appealed to the scholars, sheikhs and notables in the provinces of Taiz and Abyan to play their social role in confronting such criminal acts that are contrary to Yemeni customs and traditions, and human and moral values, and not to be silent about them.

It also condemned the continued Eritrean assault and violations against Yemeni fishermen, taking hundreds of them to Eritrean prisons and confiscating their boats and equipment.

The Parliament denounced the Eritrean forces’ practice of various types of torture against Yemeni fishermen, considering the killing of a Yemeni fisherman from the Wajiha area in Dhubab district, by Eritrean forces’ fire during a fishing trip in the Yemeni territorial waters is a crime against humanity in addition to the crimes committed by the Eritrean forces against Yemeni fishermen, which constitutes a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law and crimes against humanity.

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