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Netanyahu threatens deportation of Eritrean activists

ALBAWABA – In the wake of confrontations between Israeli police and Eritrean migrants, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that those causing disturbances should be deported. Over 150 individuals have been reported injured in the clashes, with one-third of them being police officers.

Netanyahu addressed the issue during a meeting with the Ministerial Committee on Sunday, where he stated that the recent events had crossed a red line.

According to the police, 39 protesters were detained during the incidents. Some of these demonstrators were reported to be carrying sticks, tear gas, and electroshock guns. They also damaged car windows, including those of police vehicles, and storefronts in the vicinity.

Israeli authorities noted that real bullets were used by security forces due to the danger posed to their safety. Some demonstrators were injured during these incidents.

It’s estimated that there are around 18,000 Eritreans living in Israel. Netanyahu demanded a “comprehensive deportation plan” to be prepared for those involved in the unrest, emphasizing, “Rebellion, bloodshed… these are disturbances we cannot accept.”

The clashes are said to have originated from the planned Eritrean Festival at the Eritrean Embassy in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

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