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Lemlem & Oluseyi’s Pre-wedding Shoot in Portugal Will Add Sunshine to Your Day!

Our favourite thing about the internet is the ability to connect people in the most beautiful ways.  Sometimes, one of these people might just be your long-lost crush! Lemlem and Oluseyi can affirm this because this is how they found love.

Seven years after losing contact, the lovebirds reconnected on TikTok. You can catch up on their beautiful love story here in case you missed it. Today, Lemlem and Oluseyi have us gushing over their pre-wedding shoot in Portugal.  We love how they were able to infuse Lemlem’s Eritrean roots in their photos. Their excitement is so evident and every frame leaves us drooling over how perfect they look together.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot below:



Groom: @dmvpaindoc
Videography: @andrealvesfilms

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