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Israel prime minister threatens to expel Eritreans

ERITREAN ASYLUM seekers could be deported from Israel amid bloody riots gripping the country after the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, vowed to deport the “illegal infiltrators”.

A row over the Eritrean regime has erupted between government supporters and opponents who also clashed with Israeli police in Tel Aviv. 

There have been around 170 people injured, including 30 police officers who were caught in the rampage.

Tensions spiked when protestors against the Eritrean government asked for Israeli authorities to cancel an event organised by their country’s embassy, according to BBC Africa. 

In-fighting groups took to the streets with construction lumber, pieces of metal, rocks as police on horseback hit back with live rounds and grenades, who claimed they felt their lives were endangered. Shop windows and cars were also damaged amid some of the worst scenes of violence in Israel’s history. 

It was reported that one protester was even found lying in a children’s playground in a pool of blood.

Netanyahu said that a “red line” had been overstepped amid the violence. 

The PM has previously criticised the Israeli Supreme Court for not cracking down on illegal migration as his government has unveiled one of their toughest plans to overhaul the judicial system.

Speaking at an urgent meeting on Sunday, the PM said: “Now there remains a serious problem with the illegal infiltrators in south Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

“We want harsh measures against the rioters, including the immediate deportation of those who took part.

“They have no claim to refugee status. They support this regime. If they support the regime so much, they would do well to return to their country of origin.”

Sudanese and Eritrean migrants make up the majority of the 25,000 African people who live in Israel but despite pushback, the government cannot return them to their country if their life or liberty remains at risk, according to international law.

Asylum seekers have said they fear they may face death if they were to be removed by force. 

However, Israel has gone to lengths to try to remove them including sending them to remote prisons and withholding their wages until they agree to return to Africa. 

According to a spokesperson for Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital, they said 11 patients were being treated for gunshot wounds. 

Three protesters were injured by police rounds.

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