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Group pledges support for rural women, seeks collaborations | The Guardian Nigeria News

A non-governmental organisation, Upward African Woman (UAW), has stated that it will support more women in rural areas and others while calling for collaborations from corporate bodies and individuals to create opportunities for the empowerment and sustenance of long-term solutions for women in Africa.

UAW, which is a group of professional women from Nigeria, Eritrea and the U.S., made the call ahead of it its 10th anniversary. The Founder/Executive Director of the group, Monalisa Okojie, said the body requires a sum of $150,000 to enable it to continue to build and increase its impact and execute its educational programmes, vocational training, mentorship initiatives, entrepreneurship development and access to healthcare and essential resources.

Okojie disclosed that this year’s fundraiser tagged The Black-Tie Gala, will hold on October 28, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., noting that it is one of the highlights of UAW’s efforts to bring awareness to the organisation as well as commitments from those who wish to become sponsors and partners.
“The popularity of this event has grown tremendously over the years with guests from the fields of music, film, healthcare, business and government attending. Attendees have also enjoyed the opportunity to experience authentic African cuisine and music. By giving to UAR, we will be able to sustain our education programmes both in Nigeria, Los Angeles, California and other parts of Africa.

“We are actively seeking corporate sponsorships, collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organisations and businesses. By establishing strategic alliances, we can combine our efforts and resources to create more sustainable and long-term solutions for women’s empowerment in Africa.

“With additional funds, we can expand our programmes to reach more women in remote areas, offer comprehensive support services and provide resources to empower them to lead self-sufficient lives,” Okojie said.

She stated that such support, whether through donations, sponsorships or collaborations, would make a significant difference in the lives of countless women and communities across Africa.

According to her, Upward African Woman has been organising various events such as charity galas, benefit concerts and community campaigns to engage individuals and raise funds for its programmes. She noted that these events, not only provide financial support, but also help raise awareness about its cause and attract more supporters to the organisation.
Recalling the group’s experiences in funding one of its major projects – Makoko Scholarship – she said the children from Makoko were given scholarships to attend Our Lady of Apostle School in Yaba, Lagos.

“Their parents are uneducated fishermen and petty traders who did not have the means to send their children to school. They did not have the experience of a formal education and could not prepare their children for the challenges ahead.
“These amazing children had a very difficult time adjusting to their new environment, coming from the slums of Makoko and having never been in a classroom setting. From their language to their mannerisms, and even their ability to keep up with teaching, all of it was hard and they were teased by their classmates,” she added. 

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