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Government announces new plans to combat migrant problems – Israel News

Development of the Negev and Galilee and National Resilience Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf (Otzma Yehudit) announced that he will transfer 20 million NIS from his ministry’s work in the Negev and Galilee towards dealing with migrants.

“We want to bring about profound change,” he said on Monday.

Saturday’s riots in South Tel Aviv by Eritrean migrants against their home country’s government which resulted in more than 100 injured caused uproar from both the coalition and opposition, many members who have called for action against the migrant workers.

Wasserlauf’s move follows action from his party’s leader, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who on Sunday announced a plan to propose a bill that would override the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, in order to push ahead with the deportation of the migrants.

Actions to be taken against rioters

Also on Sunday, following a special government session, the Interior Ministry and the Attorney-General’s Office announced that the Eritrean rioters who had been arrested will remain in custody and that more arrests will be made.

Eritrean asylum seekers who oppose the regime in Eritrea protest outside a conference of regime supporters in south Tel Aviv, September 2, 2023 (credit: ITAI RON/FLASH90)

The government also announced that they will examine the cancellation of work visas for those staying in Israel illegally, and it was agreed to promote a basic immigration law. “We are asking for strong measures against the rioters, including the immediate deportation of those who participated in it,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the meeting.

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