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Ethiopia says TPLF is preparing to commit atrocities in Mekelle posing as Ethiopian and Eritrean Defense forces

Major General Mohammed Tessema of ENDF

Ethiopia: Federal Police, ENDF accuse TPLF of “preparing to commit atrocities in Mekelle similar to that in Maikadra”

By Addis Standard 

The Federal Police Commission said today that it has received “information from the public” that the TPLF was preparing to “commit atrocities in Mekelle city” similar to that in Maikadra town. The Commission also accused TPLF of “wearing the federal army uniform” to commit the crimes on residents of Mekelle who are “not Tigrayans”. It also says it has received information that the TPLF was preparing to disseminate information blaming its planned crimes on government forces and called for the public to not fall for TPLF’s “false propaganda.”

Similarly, the first statement with the same accusation was issued on November 24 by Major General Mohammed Tessema, Director General of Indoctrination bureau of the Ethiopian Federal Defense Forces (ENDF).

Briefing state media on current affairs, Maj. Gen. Mohammed said that the TPLF was planning to commit the crime by using the ENDF and the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) uniforms “it has manufactured in Almeda Textile Factory.”

Today’s statement by the Federal Police Commission was issued as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the start of final phase of law enforcement operation and called on “the people of Mekelle and its environs to disarm, stay at home and stay away from military targets and take all necessary precautions.”

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